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Why Aescape?

For Hospitality & Lifestyle

Meet peak demand, run extended hours, and boost capacity for understaffed spa operations.

Deliver 24/7 wellness services for more satisfied guests and loyal customers.

Turn underutilized space into a consistent revenue driver.

Attract and retain therapists with an adjunct service that reduces workload and helps prevent burnout.

Why Aescape?

For corporate offices & multi-family residences

Transform corporate offices and residential communities into centers of well-being.

Drive employees back to the office with an outstanding return-to-work perk.

Build a vibrant community with Aescape's self-service wellness solutions.

Enhance employee satisfaction and tenant retention.

Why Aescape?

For elite sports & fitness

Customize programs in line with every athlete’s individual performance and recovery goals.

Empower trainers to create, monitor, and fine-tune personalized plans.

Attract top athletes by investing in the most advanced athletic recovery technologies.

24/7 availability eliminates wait time and allows athletes to recover on their time and in-house.

Scalable economics,  unparalleled ROI.


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“The first time I got on the table I was blown away. It was like experiencing the future and I knew I needed to be a part of it.”
Rachel BeiderFounder & CEO, PRESS Modern Massage
“As we continue to innovate with science backed preparation and recovery modalities, and new technologies, we are excited to offer Aescape. This personalized and accessible format will help our members further integrate recovery into their fitness routines.”
James GuSenior Director, Equinox Spa
“I think you may save our industry with your technology, and I am thrilled that we get to watch the story unfold from a front-row seat.”
Catherine WarrenVP Strategic Partnerships, Arch Amenities Group

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