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“The ability of Aescape to enhance the work of massage therapists is timely and so needed. Not only will it amplify the hands-on, human connection, but extend career longevity for massage practitioners. It’s without doubt the biggest and brightest innovation I have witnessed in my professional career."
Eric StephensonTherapist and iMassage President
“The first time I got on the table I was blown away. It was like experiencing the future, and I knew I needed to be a part of it.”
Rachel BeiderFounder & CEO, Licensed Massage Therapist , PRESS Modern Massage

Aescape for Therapists

Elevating every experience. Empowering you.

  • Self-care for you

    Experience revitalization and renewed energy with Aescape massages. Empower yourself and your team with regular stress relief and well-being maintenance.

  • Client satisfaction

    Round-the-clock availability paired with a more consistent and personalized massage experience means more engaged and satisfied clients.

  • Career longevity

    By automating certain aspects of your practice, Aescape offers greater work-life balance, less burnout, and more fulfilling career paths.

The future of massage therapy. In your hands.

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