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 Meet Our Investors

We're supported by a sophisticated team of investors from a range of backgrounds in robotics, AI, SaaS, sports, hospitality, and beyond.

TA Ventures ⚈​ Flatiron ​Search Partners ⚈​ Feld Ventures ⚈ Half Court Ventures ⚈​ Adam Chandler, COO, Eulerity ⚈​ Alex Trojanow, Private Investor ⚈​ Anand Agarawala, CEO & Co-Founder, Spatial ⚈​ Andrew Strocko, Owner, Strocko Consulting LLC ⚈​ Anik Nagpal Private investor ⚈ ​Julian Baring, SVP Business Development, Adform  ⚈ ​Ben Barokas, CEO & Founder, Sourcepoint Technologies Inc ⚈​ Bill Wise, CEO & Co-Founder, Mediaocean ⚈​ Bobby Figueroa, CEO & Co-Founder, ⚈​ Brad Field, Partner, Foundry Group ⚈​ Bradly Horowitz, VP Product, Google ⚈​ Christian Smith, Co-Founder, Forta ⚈​ Dan Foehner, CMO, Elastique Athletics ⚈​ Dani Alyamour Private Investor ⚈​ David Karp, CEO & Founder, Tumblr ⚈​ Dmitry Gilot, Producer & Media Consultant, Maylind Media ⚈​ Eric Newnham, Founder, Talon Outdoor ⚈​ Eswar Priyadarshan, CTO & Co-Founder, InLive ⚈​ Yony Feng, Co-Founder, Peloton ⚈​ Farhan Thawar, VP Engineering, Shopify ⚈​ Fred Hsu, Co-Founder, DigiArt ⚈ ​Gerardo Ragusa, President & Co-Founder, High Level ⚈​ Gregory Tagaris, CTO & Co-Founder, UpperCampus ⚈​ Harry Dewhirst, CEO & Founder, Zeppelin ⚈​ Henry Hyder-Smith, CEO & Founder, Adestra ⚈​ Judy Halby, COO & EVP, Regional Reporting Inc ⚈​ Jim Gellas,  Founder & Fractional CFO, OPS Partners, ⚈​ Javon Bea, CEO, Trinity Health ⚈​ Jim Payne, Private Investor ⚈​ John Lema, President & COO, Playback Health ⚈​ Joshua Schachter, CEO, UpdateAI ⚈​ Keith Petri, CEO,  Lockr ⚈​ Keith Angell, Founder, Engin Capital ⚈​ Karthik Ramakrishnan, Armilla IA, Founder  ⚈​ Lachlan Power, Professional Gamer ⚈ ​Lachlan Parker, Private Investor ⚈ ​Lori Anne Wardi, Senior Director, Go Daddy ⚈​ Leland Hensch, President, Enhanced Digital Group ⚈​ Leonid Gluzman, General Partner, PV Fund ⚈​ Lev Ekster, Chief Strategy Officer, Bowlero Corp ⚈​ Kevin Love, NBA All-Star & Champion, Cleveland Cavaliers ⚈ ​Martin Ringlein, General Partner, Adventure Fund ⚈​ Matthew Dellavedova, NBA Champion, Sacramento Kings ⚈​ Matt McGowan, GM, Snapchat  ⚈​ ​ Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer, Omicron Media Group ⚈ ​Melissa Grady, CMO, Cadillac ⚈​ Mark Gorton, Chairman, Tower Research Capital ⚈​ Michael Bayle, VP, Amadeus IT Group ⚈ ​Dr. Michael Calabrese, Founder, Midtown East Chiro  ⚈ ​Michelle Surya, VP, Testlio ⚈ ​Neil Parikh, Co-Founder, Casper ⚈​ Nicholas Pilkington, CTO, DroneDeploy ⚈​ Phillip Berner, CEO & Co-Founder, Closer ⚈​ Pritesh Kot, PM, Scotiabank ⚈ ​Peter Wurman, Director, Sony AI ⚈​ Rachel Beider, CEO, PRESS Modern Massage ⚈​ Raghu Balasa, Principal, Carly Rain Group, ⚈​ Rahul Talwar, Director, BNY Mellon ⚈​ Raj Madhvan, Co-Founder, Alpha SEO Pros ⚈​ Richard Zwicky, CEO, Plena Global Holdings ⚈​ Robert Figueroa, Founder & CEO, ⚈​ Ryan Scott, Founder, The Developers ⚈​ Sara Laprade, Chief of Staff, Boston Dynamics ⚈​ Sandra Finklestein, Private Investor  Tristan Saw, Chief Strategy & Systems Officer, Town Sports Int’l, ⚈​ Samer Bishay, CEO & Co-Founder, Karrier One ⚈​ Scott Miller, Managing Director, Dragon Ventures ⚈​ Sebastian de Kloet, SVP, Red Cloud ⚈​ Sebastian Sobczak, Founder, Friendo ⚈​ Shaker Muasher, Founder, Kawn Ventures ⚈​ Sheetal Jaitly, CEO, TribalScale ⚈​ Shiven Ramji, Chief Product Officer, AuthO/Okta, ⚈​ Rose Steinberg, Founder, People Obsessed ⚈​ Steven Blatt,  Partner, Baker Tilly ⚈​ Stuart Sherman, CEO, SM Marketing Int’l  ⚈​ Tom Chi, Founding Partner, At One Ventures ⚈​ Thomas Lee, CEO, Galileo ⚈​ Vitaliy Gubskiy, Founder, Daintree VC ⚈​ Wolf Allisat, CRO, Thunes


Matthew Dellavedova

NBA, Sacramento Kings

“I forgot it wasn’t a human. One of the best massages I’ve had.”
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